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How concierge services have changed the way Americans shop

Helicopter delivery? Home remodeling project management? Personal shopping at Tiffany & Co.? On the very high end, some personal concierge services are quite extravagant. But there’s a growing market of personal concierge services for “regular” people and businesses.

What is personal concierge service?
Also sometimes called white glove service, personal concierge services allow a customer to order something on-demand-food, a car (think Uber), or a personal errand-and someone else fulfills it for them. The rise of the personal concierge industry, which is seeing 2.5% annual growth, is directly tied to the proliferation of mobile apps.

Need something?
Just pick up your phone or tablet and enter your request, and before long there’s a knock at your door with just what you wanted. What does Snackdash do? Snackdash is a concierge office delivery service, driven by technology. We will pick up, deliver and stock the snacks of your choice into your office break room. Simply let us know what you want, choosing your favorite products from your favorite stores. We do the shopping for you and bring it to your office. But we don’t just leave it at the door. Instead, we stock and organize the snacks in your break room, and take the garbage with us!

How can I open my own Snackdash franchise?
If you like making people happy with their favorite foods, and you’re also looking for a flexible business opportunity, consider Snackdash, which is a business in an app. The total cost of ownership is low. Make money on the move with Snackdash. If you’re interested in opening your own Snackdash franchise, please contact us at 801-400-9499 and check out our website at