The amount of time and money it costs you to pay your employee(s) to go and shop for snacks and supplies racks up over time. How long does it take them each time they go shopping? Consider the liability of injury or accident that you incur when your employee(s) step outside the office while still on the clock. How many of your expensive employees help unload and stock your snacks when they arrive? How much is this costing you? Did you know that once productivity is interrupted it takes the average employee 30 minutes to get back to that same level of productivity? Trust us! We can do it cheaper than you can!

For 8 years, Snackdash has been servicing the snack and supply needs of companies of all sizes. We will pick up and deliver everything you need from whatever stores you prefer. During delivery, we break down and stock the products in your offices and then remove all of the trash on our way out.

In 2008, our founders opened a beverage delivery service named Thirst Express that delivered cases of water to companies in the Salt Lake City area.  Soon after they expanded the service to include snacks, fresh produce, and other drinks.  Thirst Express had a goal to offer businesses a more efficient option other than sending employees armed with shopping lists out to various suppliers. That initial plan was strong, and Salt Lake City area businesses embraced the idea.  By developing a strong sense of customer service Thirst Express grew and expanded to offer a larger variety of products and services.

By 2014 Thirst Express had expanded.  Discussions were started about perfecting the processes and developing a system that could be franchised.  New investment partners were brought in along with a management team to convert the existing business into a paperless technology driven solution and to build up a brand that better reflected the service.

In mid 2015 Thirst Express was re-branded as Snackdash and the Snackdash apps were released on the App Store and Google Play. New customers flocked to the solution and sales skyrocketed in the existing areas. The team began preparations to franchise the concept and expanded operations into California.

Today customers enjoy a wide variety of products along with a simple and easy to use ordering process that is all available on their mobile phone.  Snackdash has perfected the art of customer service and delivers, stocks, and looks after each of it’s customers needs. Through franchising, we look forward to continued growth!  For more information on franchising opportunities with Snackdash visit our franchise site.