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Welcome iTrip Vacations Customer!

iTrip Vacations has teamed up with Snackdash, Utah’s premiere concierge delivery service, to make your vacation even better. Imagine arriving at your vacation home, and the fridge and cupboards are already stocked with all the food you want for your vacation! That is what Snackdash is here for, and we make it as easy as possible. All you do is place an order on the Snackdash store, set your delivery location and date you arrive, and we do the rest!

How to place your grocery order

  1. Download the Snackdash app or click on the Web Store option.


2. Register an account on the platform of your choice.

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3. Enter the zip code of your iTrip vacation home.

Snackdash Register - Zip Code.png

4. Enter your user info and password. Make sure to enter iTrip as the company.

Snackdash Register - User Info.png

5. Shop for the items you want. If you are unable to find a product you want, send us an email and we will do our best to get it added to our store for you to purchase.

Snackdash Register - Shop.png

6. Click on an item you would like to add to your cart.


7. Add a delivery location by clicking on Select Location and adding the address to your iTrip Vacations home.

Snackdash Register - Add to cart.png

8. When you are done adding items, click on the cart to begin checkout.

Snackdash Register - Cart.png

9. Select the date you would like the items delivered to your iTrip Vacations home (If a date you need is not available, select the closest date available). Enter your payment info and place your order.


10. Show up at your iTrip Vacations home, and enjoy your stay!